Our Products

If you are a company in the sheet metal work manufacturing industry, Magal Engineering Co India Pvt. Ltd. is your one stop shop for all your machine tool needs.

A machine tool sales and service company, with over two decades of expertise, Magal Engineering represents some of the finest companies from Germany, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Singapore and India.

We supply machines which range from polyurethane gasketing machines, ironworkers, mechanical presses, plasma cutting machines and their consumables, computerized numerically controlled (CNC) plasma cutting tables, press accessories and nitrogen generators. We also offer polyurethane sealing material and gasket making services, besides consultancy.

Our large clientele come from industries like automotive, earth moving machinery, consumer durables, textiles, food processing, machine tools, material handling, and others.

Maintenance and Technical Support from Magal Engineering

  • Magal not only provides world-class machines designed to improve efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs for your plant, but offers maintenance services, repairs and spares as well
  • Sign up with us for Annual Maintenance Contracts to keep your machine down time to near zero
  • Our highly skilled team of expert engineers ensure your machines are serviced to be in top condition so downtime is minimum
  • Required spare stocks are maintained, so your machines are always up and running
  • An efficient and good cost and freight network ensures on time delivery of products and spares