Magal Engineering Consultancy Services

With nearly two and a half decades of expertise in the sheet metal working industry, Magal Engineering Co India Pvt. Ltd provides complete technical consultancy on sheet metal working solutions and sealing projects.

That’s why our expertise is leverage when companies are setting up a new plant, planning to upgrade to new machines or planning to automate newer sections of their plant.

As part of our consultancy services, we invest time auditing your production process and suggesting machines that come closest to your short-term and long-term goals, budget, space and other requirements.

Magal Engineering providesConsultancy on

  • Mechanical press erection for up to 3000 tons
  • Reconditioning of all types of presses and retrofitting of C-Frame & H-Frame presses for up to 3000 tons (sheet metal, forging and hydraulic deep drawing)
  • Designing and fabrication of press automation
  • Setting up of sealing, gluing and potting application plants