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Costa Levigatrici​

Costa Levigatrici: Duberring, Polishing and FInishing Machines

For almost 50 years, Costa Levigatrici has remained the industry’s first choice in automatic sanding equipment for Wood, Metal, and Composite materials. Costa invests in innovation, manufacturing, and after-sales services to make sure that every sander is of the highest quality.

Stands for experience and trust, setting a standard for quality with a century-long presence in the business.

Each machine is CE-certified and built in Italy, assuring the highest manufacturing standards and quality.

Reduces operator dependency and increases output uniformity.

Secure brushes, reducing wobbling for perfect uniformity in every operation.

The innovative Human-Machine Interface (HMI), Operating System (OS), & Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) allow precise control of the millimeter.

Prioritizes operator safety during operations, guaranteeing a safe working environment.

Costa’s sanders feature high-precision servo and stepper motors for exceptional accuracy, wet filters for aluminum applications, and a modular design that is designed for specific customer needs.

It also guarantees diverse surface finishing grades for materials such as low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass by offering machines ranging in working width from 1100mm to 1500mm and customizable units with 1-7 working units with various grit levels.

Finally, precision in every detail – from a leveled table to in-house machining of all parts – promises top-notch quality throughout. Costa Levigatrici excels in all aspects of its sanding equipment.

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