Crank Type  Apex Series  Straight-Side Two-Plunger High-Speed Precision Press


Quick Lifting
The quick access device enables the slide up 70mm in 30 seconds to help users quickly solve tooling problems.

High Speed Servo Roller Feeder Feeding angle, feeding length can be changed easily through SIEMENS control system.

4 Point Crank Support & Hydro-Dynamic Bushing
Apex 30~60, bearings are applied both at supporting & connection.The clearance is smaller and B.D.C is more accurate.
Apex 80~220, Hydro-dynamic bushings can stand with thrust and decrease friction area. It can suppress heat expansion to prevent the wear throughout years.

2-Set Frame of Cast Iron Ensure Verticality
The guiding holes are cast at bed and machined at the same time.

Guiding System of Slide & Hydro-Static Bushings Dual plungers bear up more upward eccentric load during stamping. Hydro-static bushings can stand with higher thrust, decrease friction area, and suppress heat expansion to prevent the wear of bearing throughout years.
Separated Clutch and Brake The torch of separated clutch & brake is bigger, so braking time and angle get less. Balanced load at two side can reduces wear of bearings. If mechanical parts fail at clutch or brake, press stops immediately.

Siemens Colorful Automatic Computer Control System
Colorful TFT-LCD screen is applied to operate simply by variety color of screen and letters display