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Etone APA



The Etone APA Series offers a variety of High Precision C-Frame Presses with tonnages ranging from 25 to 315 tonnes. These presses are engineered for dependability, stability, and precision in operation, with a sturdy design and high-quality materials. 

The machine frame is designed with high rigidity for optimal stability during operation. Precision-crafted, it promises durability and resilience to meet rigid production demands.

The APA series ensures stability and smooth operation with two symmetrical slide boards equipped with balancers. This setup boosts operational efficiency while maintaining consistent performance.

The crankshaft, gear drive, and connecting rod are particularly hardened and milled. This meticulous engineering assures better mechanical performance, increasing the overall reliability of the machine.

The APA series uses a Japanese high precision, sensitive clutch brake system. This system, which is controlled by a double solenoid valve, ensures accurate and responsive operations, contributing to higher safety and productivity.

The Etone APA Series presses, which use high precision, durability, and safety measures, provide reliable options for industries seeking efficient and precise manufacturing capabilities. This series is an example to solid design, ensuring smooth operation while consuming minimal energy.

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