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Etone APJ


The Etone APD series includes precision presses weighing 80 to 260 tonnes. These Ring Frame presses consist of cutting-edge design that ensures high performance in a variety of industrial applications.

The Etone APD series is a versatile solution that incorporates precision, durability, and operator convenience, delivering exceptional performance while catering to a wide range of industrial needs.

The APD series’ straight side frame design eliminates angular deflection, ensuring excellent precision for progressive die applications. This significantly reduces tooling maintenance costs.

These presses, which feature a patented high-torque wet clutch and brake system, require little maintenance and provide long-lasting, low-noise performance.

The APD series accommodates larger tools with a slide area 15% to 25% larger than comparable C-frame presses, increasing its versatility for diverse production needs.

The large 6-point gibs, which are centred in the slide body, increase stability and resistance to off-center loads, ensuring consistent and dependable operation.

These presses, which are equipped with an operator-friendly multifunctional control system, provide ease of use and efficient handling, improving operations.

The APD series is designed for seamless integration with automated auxiliary equipment, maintaining adaptability and efficiency in automated production setups.

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