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Etone APJ


Precision meets performance with Etone Presses Model 1 – APJ, redefining electric motor manufacturing with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

The ultimate in precision engineering designed for high-volume production in the electric motor industry. This high-speed double crank press range, designed with meticulous attention to detail, covers a tonnage range of 60 to 550 tonnes, ensuring versatility and dependability in the manufacture of laminated rotors and stators. 

Straight-side presses from Etone are stable and efficient, stamping large-sized rotors and stators for electric motors with unrivaled precision. These presses are ideal for lamination in generator and industrial motors because they produce consistent, high-quality results.

Etone complies to strict quality standards by using high-quality cast iron for the crowns, uprights, and bed, making sure durability and longevity in performance.

These presses reach remarkable accuracy, with complete clearances of 0.25mm, parallelism of 0.04mm, and perpendicularity of 0.01mm, maintaining sustained precision over years of operation.

Etone’s high-speed presses use a guiding mechanism with separate slider movement guided by four pillars to ensure 0.02mm accuracy. This design promotes frame stability while also improving overall accuracy and lowering energy loss due to friction.

  1. The presses have a high-strength alloy steel crankshaft with a forced cooling circuit to keep temperatures at optimal levels. Unique lubrication methods ensure proper bearing lubrication, extending service life significantly.

Equipped with a powerful and sensitive clutch and brake system, these presses provide positioning accuracy within 10°, ensuring safe and quick operations. A dynamic balance system also reduces vibration and noise, improving operational efficiency.

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