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Etone APJ

Henkel Sonderhoff

Henkel presents a suite of mixing and dosing machines tailored for foam sealing, gluing, and potting applications. These state-of-the-art systems combine high-precision technology with customizable formulations, revolutionizing manufacturing processes across various industries.

Henkel Sonderhoff Engineering Systems stand as symbols of precision and innovation cultivated over six decades. Their advanced technology and adaptability redefine how manufacturing works. Whether on their own or part of a production line, these systems promise better productivity and accuracy, setting new standards for different manufacturing setups.

Next-generation mixing heads enable processing of liquid to highly viscous materials with adjustable discharge rates and mixing ratios.

Advanced Control Center: Scalable and equipped with sensors for real-time data analysis, optimizing process evaluation and control.

Featuring a 10.1-inch touch screen panel for easy and safe operator interaction, ensuring smooth operations.

Integration options with shuttle tables, material handling robots, and conveyor systems provide adaptability to diverse manufacturing setups.

Sophisticated cooling mechanisms in the mixing heads ensure consistent performance and material quality.

The 3E Dosing Cell arrives fully assembled, simplifying setup, and is easily transportable within a factory setup, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

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