Servo Presses

The technology of IDS is the technology of the world in the result

Machine features

  • High Productivity : It perfectly embodies the function of ‘Free Motion: Knuckle, Link, Oil Pressure, High Speed, General Press’ which means it brings the increase of productivity.
  • High Accuracy : As checking the height of slide and feedback, we can get the high accuracy at the bottom dead center.
  • Energy and Resources Saving : The problem that has obstructed an abrasion of lining was solved by removing the clutch brake. It also brought the solution of environmental pollution and resource saving.
  • Flexibility ( Variety of Materials ) : Molded to fit the available processing purpose and store in a form data.
  • Unique : Unique control technology by using general motor. Securing market competitive power by low cost.
  • Patent : Acquiring patent in four sections with the creative skills 〔Patent No. 10-0844796〕.
  • Model : IVF-60,80,110,160,200,250TON

※ We accept an order special specification.

※ We accept an order special specification.We accept an order special specification.

Standard Accessories (* : option)

  • photo electric safety device
  • continuous stop function
  • automatic lubrication device
  • air ejector
  • overrun detective device
  • crank angle indicator
  • electromotive slide adjustment device
  • slide adjustment counter
  • overload protector
  • die cushion
  • *Q.D.C system *

C.G. of Slide movement

Cold Forging

Deep Drawing

Machine features

  • High Productivity : Movement of the speed required for production and the stroke.
  • High Precision : As checking the height of slide and feedback, we can get the high accuracy at the bottom dead center.
  • Safety : Better safety system adding mechanical brake.
  • Low noise : Achieved low noise and vibration.
  • Flexibility : Set the motion freely, Easy management and sharing of forming data by memorizing motion data.
  • Reduced maintenance cost : Reduced running cost by saving electric power consumption and lubrication oil. Clean tech.
  • Various motions : Storage, management and sharing various data (100memories saving).
  • Easy control : Improving control with one-touch panel.
  • Model : ISF-200,300,400,600,800,1000TON


C.G. of Slide movement

C.G. of knuckle movement
C.G. of link movement
C.G. of free motion