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Sonderhoff Sealing Solutions

Magal Engineering Co India Pvt. Ltd is the sole authorized distributor of Sonderhoff products in India. We offer their product line of polymer sealing, gluing and potting systems, dosing machines, automation and application in India.

With 50 year of expertise, Sonderhoff is a reputed name producing about 200 million seals a year in over 50 countries around the globe.

Magal offers end-to-end services from sealing solutions to helping you buy and maintain sealing machinery for large scale application.

Industrial segments which have leveraged our offerings include Lighting, Electronics, Enclosures, Appliances, Automotive, Packaging, and Filters and others.

Engineering Solutionsfrom Sonderhoff Supplied by Magal

• Mixing and dosing systems

Mixing and dosing machines developed by Sonderhoff Engineering enable correct and precise processing of materials. Conditioning is dependent on the material, e.g. through homogenising, temperature regulation, air nucleation, evacuation and recirculation. Dosing and mixing is done accurately, safely and efficiently in the appropriate mixing head

• Mixing heads

Technical innovations such as Sonderhoff’s patented high-pressure water rinsing system enable precision mixing heads MK 400 and MK 600, the flow control system, and drip- and maintenance-free nozzle closure system, modular design and reliable procedures all ensure a profitable return on your investment

• Automation

Simplify your work process and ensure increased accuracy with Sonderhoffs single and two level shuttle tables. These tables offer both continuous operation and short cycle times.Also leverage fully automatic refilling-stations, when used as part of a completely automated manufacturing process, ensure material-specific preparation, homogenous consistency and a continuous supply of material.

• Robots

Polyurethane, silicone and other reaction materials are applied in or onto parts with two or three dimensional contours using a 3-axis linear freely programmable, for CNC controlled and 2 or more components applications.Read more>>

Chemicals from Sonderhoff Supplied by Magal Engineering

Chemicals from Sonderhoff Supplied by Magal Engineering

  • PU-foam systems

    K31 is a two-component polyurethane system for the manufacture of flexible foam seals which are foamed directly onto the part by using FIPFG (formed-in-place foam gasket) technology. The system consist of a resin and a hardener which are mixed together at a prescribed ratio. This produces a flexible sealing foam within a few minutes.

    FERMAPOR® K31 can be used on a level surface, in a groove, 3D application on a surface or 3D application in a groove.

    There are numerous benefits for using FERMAPOR® K31 besides it being the most suitable for sealing industrial parts. FERMAPOR® K31 can be used for almost every shape and seal geometry. FERMAPOR® K31 system possesses exceptional long-term behaviour and displays almost 100% resetting ability, even after many years of continual use.

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  • PU-potting systems

    FERMADUR® is a two- component polyurethane system for the manufacture of hard to gel-like potting compounds which are placed and cured directly onto or into the component using Formed-in-Place technology. The system consists of a resin basis and a hardener which are mixed together in a prescribed ratio, forming a bubble-free potting compound within a few minutes. The function of the potting compound is determined by the application and its uses range from surface coating to protect against environmental effects, to encapsulating electronic components or gluing components. The flowability, reactivity, hardness classification and colour of the components can be adjusted as required. Read more>>

  • Silicone systems

    FERMASIL® is usedfor manufacturing of flexible silicone elastomers and silicone foam sealing, which are applied directly onto thepart by using formed-in-place foam gasket technology.

    FERMASIL® systems are processed using 2- components - low pressure mixing and dosing machines. Suited for the mixture are dynamic mixing systems as well as static mixers. Sonderhoff recommends dynamic mixing systems for material friendly processing.

    Sonderhoff FERMASIL® System can be used at a constant temperature from -60°C to +180°C and temporary up to +350°C but they always retain their softness and flexibility. Due to their closed cell structure they do not absorb water and are suitable for the use in tropic or damp rooms. TheFERMASIL® System is also highly resistant to other chemicals (e.g. cleaning agents, alcohols, lubricants, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, brake fluids, cooling agents and ammonia gases).

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