The versatile chemistry for electronic assemblies, filter applications and more...

FERMADUR® is the brand name for Sonderhoff Chemicals’ 2-component polyurethane systems for the production of hard to gel-like potting products.

They are directly applied to the part with the aid of mixing and dispensing systems with FIPFG sealing technology (Formed-In-Place Foam Gasket) and cure there.

Chemical constituents

FERMADUR® systems consist of a base resin (A-component) and a hardener (B-component) which are mixed together in a prescribed ratio. This produces a bubble-free potting within a few minutes.

Many technical applications in diverse industries require the protection of electronics or electrical components against environmental influences, electrical or mechanical interference and manipulation.

Sonderhoff has access to more than 500 FERMADUR® recipes, which fulfil the industry-required high seal impermeability standards, as well as those regarding stability and temperature, ageing and weather resistance.

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