Tailor-made chemistry for growing requirements.

FERMAPOR CC material systems are addition cross-linking 2-component systems for the manufacture of soft polyurethane foams. The main elements of the A component are polyfunctional alcohols, the polyols. The B component consists of the aromatic MDI isocyanate and its derivatives.

When component A is mixed with component B, a chemical reaction starts that, together with Sonderhoff Engineering’s newly developed FIP-CC process, leads to the formation of a strongly closed-cell polyurethane soft foam.

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Low water absorption even for damaged surfaces


FERMAPOR CC with its smooth, slightly shiny surface gives an optically high-quality appearance. Its foam structure has very fine cells, is impermeable and extremely uniform.

Even if the surface should become damaged during application, practical trials and laboratory tests have shown that there is only a marginal change in water absorption.

Usual processing conditions - typical polyurethane

As soon as the foam has completely hardened, it can be used for applications with high sealing and quality requirements. The operating temperature range lies between -40° to +80°C, and in the short term even up to +160°C dependent on the test conditions, and is tested under real conditions appropriate to the application.

The exact hardening time is dependent on external factors such as temperature, humidity, and sealing dimension and it is also evaluated specifically for the sealed part.

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