The sealing for metal barrel and packaging lids

FERMAPOR® DD980 is the brand name for single-component PVC plastisol by Sonderhoff Chemicals for the production of heat-curing, soft-elastic foam seals.

Sonderhoff has formulated FERMAPOR® DD980 for various packaging demands. The characteristics requested by the customer are converted into tailor-made product recipes.

The application process

FERMAPOR® DD980 systems are processed using single-component dispensing systems usual on the market. The fluid PVC plastisol is applied into the groove of metal lids for drums or buckets as well as for sealing metal jagged lids. After a short heat-curing in a specially designed continuous furnace the plastisol foams up and thickens.

The duration spent in the furnace is usually about 2 to 15 minutes. The oven temperatures range from 170 to 240°C. The result is a seamless, closed-cell PVC soft foam seal on the metal lid, which can already be installed after a short cooling period.


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