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FERMAPOR® K31 is Sonderhoff Chemicals’ brand name for the 2-component polyurethane systems used for the production of mixed-cell, flexible foam seals.

They are directly foamed onto the part with the aid of mixing and dispensing systems and FIPFG sealing technology (Formed-In-Place Foam Gasket).

Chemical constituents

FERMAPOR® K31 systems consist of a basic resin (A-component) and a hardener (B-component) which are mixed to a prescribed ratio and react together in the dispensing head’s mixing chamber. After application to the part a soft foam seal forms in a few minutes with an even distribution. The flow behaviour, reactivity and colour of the components of FERMAPOR® K31 seals are freely adjustable depending on the intended use. Depending on the recipe, FERMAPOR® K31 foam seals can take from approx. 20 minutes up to about 12 hours to cure fully at room temperature on the part. After this, construction can continue.

The sealing function is reached with a compression of approximately 30-60% of the cured seal. In this way the part is protected from damp, dust and the influence of the weather.

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