...fulfils the special hygiene requirements for air conditioners according to VDI 6022

The Institute for Air Hygiene (ILH Berlin) has tested the FERMAPOR® K31-A-9020-17F and FERMAPOR® K31-A-9308-5-VP5-F foam sealing systems with antimicrobial protection and confirmed their resistance to fungi and bacteria according to DIN EN ISO 846 (determination of the effect of micro-organisms on plastic). 

They fulfil the requirements for microbial inertness according to VDI 6022 and are suitable for use in air conditioners. FERMAPOR® K31 ANTIMICROBIAL foam systems protect the seals of air-conditioning components for air flow, such as ventilation grilles, air filters, atomisers and access systems, efficient against attack from allergenic and bacterial micro-organisms.

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