Silicone systems for extreme usage conditions

FERMASIL® is our brand name for 2-component silicone systems for the production of silicone foam seals and soft elastic silicone elastomers, used for the potting and gluing of components.

FERMASIL® is applied using FIPFG dispensing technology (Formed In-Place Foam Gasket) (Formed In-Place Foam Gasket) directly to the part and cures there at room temperature.

Chemical constituents

FERMASIL® silicone systems consist of an A-component and a cross-linking B-component, which are processed in a given mixing ratio in the mixing chamber of the dispensing head. Most FERMASIL® systems react at room temperature of their own accord after the mixing of the components and create, according to the recipe, flexible silicone foam seals or permanently elastic silicone elastomers.

FERMASIL® systems are processed using 2-component low pressure mixing and dispensing systems. Both dynamic mixing systems and static mixers are suitable for the mixing. Sonderhoff recommends dynamic mixing systems for material-friendly processing.

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