Saga Series Multi Slide Motion Mechanical Press

One-Piece Frame
Deflection during stamping is reduced to keep parallelism and vertical accuracy. Lower press frame helps to meet factory height limit. Slide area is larger compared to C frame press.

Plunger & Dual Guide Posts
Plunger system isolates the slide movement from connecting rod left-to right movement. Guide post system absorbs the eccentric load during stamping. Press vertical accuracy is <= 0.01mm, resulting in the die life extension and improved stamping parts quality.

User-friendly Control system

All information display on the control screen that make setting and checking easily. Tooling data saves on the system to prevent damages from wrong setting.

.7 digit counter setting x 2
.Die height indicator (0.01mm)
.Crank angle indicator (clock/number)
.SPM indicator (numeral)

New Drive Technology Special drive gear design enables lower power consumption and provides higher torque for press applications. Power saving up to 30% compared to C frame press.

Overload Protection Device

Oil level is designed in slide. While overloading, oil goes quickly to the pump on rear of slide. Acting time is quicker to prevent damages on press and tooling.

Oil-immerse Multi-disc Clutch

Wet type clutch system with Ortlinghaus plates helps to reduce noise and extend service life.

Circulating Lubrication System

All metal parts are lubricated to reduce friction and less maintenance required.

Multi-Slide Motion(Option For Saga Series)
Slide velocity decreases towards BDC to reduce the impact of stamping, noise and vibration. 3 different slide motion modes available for various product applications.