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Warcom, an esteemed Italian enterprise steeped in a rich legacy of precision and innovation. For over four decades, Warcom has honed its expertise in crafting cutting-edge sheet metal forming machines, showcasing an unwavering commitment to superior design and unwavering accuracy.

Led by the visionary stewardship of the Robazza family’s third generation, brothers Alberto and Paolo, Warcom stands as a beacon of excellence sprawled across a 6,000 m² expanse. Boasting a dedicated workforce exceeding 50 professionals and a global outreach through an expansive sales network, the company epitomizes the fusion of tradition and forward-looking ingenuity.

At Warcom, the relentless pursuit of optimal solutions for specialized industrial carpentry remains a driving force. Embracing customer loyalty and unwavering professional ethics as cornerstones of triumph, the company channels its technical prowess and fervor into every endeavor.

Not just a manufacturer, but a torchbearer of the ‘MADE IN ITALY’ legacy, Warcom reignites the international sheet metal working market through its unwavering commitment to technical excellence and meticulous design. Join us on a journey where precision meets passion, and innovation intertwines with tradition.

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