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INGYU High Speed Precision Presses – HVS Series, crafted specifically for EV Stamping, where precision meets unparalleled speed. With capacities ranging from 200 to 450 tons, offering both 2 point and 4 point presses, and variable bolster sizes, it’s engineered for superior performance.

This machine boasts a frame design with three sets of massive frames that resist deflection and minimize vibration, ensuring top-notch stability.

The frame’s deflection is within 1/30000, maintaining exceptional Bottom Dead Center (BDC) accuracy.

The short distance between supports in the crank support system resists deflective stress. Employing bearings and hydro-dynamic brass bushings results in smaller clearances, guaranteeing superior support with minimal power consumption.

Equipped with guide gibs and linear bearings, this system adeptly absorbs sideward thrust during stamping processes, ensuring precision and stability.

With a 70mm slide quick lift height, this feature facilitates swift tooling changes and addresses tooling issues promptly. After troubleshooting or tool changes, the slide seamlessly returns to its original height, maintaining consistent BDC.

This High Speed Precision Press, with an overall clearance of 0.47mm, vertical accuracy of 0.005mm, and slide parallelism of 0.05mm/m, guarantees unmatched precision and efficiency for EV stamping tasks. Its robust design, meticulous engineering, and rapid functionality make the ING YU HVS Series an indispensable asset for high-speed, precision-centric operations.

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